Communiqué de presse

The experienced and talented racing driver Bertrand Godin blazed to victory in the Formula 1600 races at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières circuit.  After qualifying second following Friday’s qualification sessions, Bertrand Godin aced at keeping his Mygale # 77 / Groupe À l’infini at the front of the pack throughout the event, leading him to clinch first place at the finish line. Godin had the pleasure of sharing the podium with racing drivers Didier Schraenen and Guillaume Archambault.

Bertrand Godin added another triumph to his already impressive car racing resume by successfully reaching the finish line before his rivals during the single-seater Formula 1600 series Championship. This was his very first win at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières.

Ranked second during the first race, Godin didn’t have much luck on Friday when his Mygale lost its left rear wheel leading him to a full course yellow pulling him way behind his rivals before Saturday morning’s second race. However, the old-timer pilot succeeded in gaining a maximum of points during this race’s second round which propelled him into first place on the podium after Saturday afternoon’s third and final race.


“Finally, I’m lucky to have a victory in Trois-Rivières! What I remember from this weekend is teamwork. The work of all the members of the team. The loss of a wheel Friday night forced us to be very strategic for the other two races on Saturday. Starting 10th, we used the second race as a qualification, given that the best times formed the starting grid for the final race. With the 2nd fastest time and superb overtaking we finished at the foot of the podium. We knew then that victory was within our reach but that competition would be fierce. After a good start, I had the chance to overtake Guillaume Archambault at the braking of turn # 6 and then go to victory. Thanks to the Britain West motorsports team for making this victory possible with the #77 Mygale. Thank you to my sponsors, Groupe À l’infini and VR Victoriaville, who have given me incredible memories over and over again. And finally thank you to Marcel Lafontaine who, with his passion, manages with energy the F1600 series allowing talent drivers to compete in prestigious events such as the Grand Prix of Trois Rivières.” Bertrand Godin